Mynte Media | Creative copywriting for the danish market
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Connect to your danish audience

Mynte Media specialised in localising your international company to the danish market. With creative and crisp copy for all your platforms you will connect to your danish customers on a new level.

Too many companies try to capture their danish customers by simply translating their international content. The danish audience wants more than that. They want to be talked to in a familiar tone and get a localised experience. If your content is not fully localised to the market, it will create a untrustworthy and interrupted experience for the audience.
Let Mynte Media help you connect with your fans in the north.

Creative Copywriting

Crisp and creative text for all of your platforms fitting your company's tone-of-voice.

SEO Optimiezd

Optimize your website for the most important danish keywords and get a analysis of your presence.

Content Strategy

Get the right content marketing strategy for your products and engage your danish audience.

Social Media

Use your social media platforms to create awesome storytelling about your products and company

let me help you reach your new danish audience

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Behind the Screen at

Mynte Media

Hi. My name is Laura Nicolaisen and I’m sitting behind the laptop in Mynte Media. I have made it my specialty to connect international companies with the danish market.

After getting my Master Degree in Media Studies from The University of Copenhagen, I have been living in London and Berlin working with copywriting, SEO and localisation. Now I am back in Denmark using my knowledge to connect international companies with danish customers.


Laura Nicolaisen


Don’t hesitate to contact us for

questions & collaborations.

I am always looking for new interesting companies to work with. If you want to specialised and localise your company to the glooming danish market, then shoot me a message and lets talk about it!